Kriya Dhyanalayam

The society is facing constant physical, mental and spiritual challenges. These challenges are amplified in the rural areas. Anaadi Foundation has been offering educational programs for school and college students in rural communities for enhancing their educational experience. Yogic practices that are part of these programs ensure good physical and mental health.
However, beyond the physical and mental dimension, globally people are recognizing that spiritual well-being is key to the overall well-being of an individual. Meditation is the art of being aware of one's own thoughts, words and actions and realising the spiritually unified basis of oneself and all of life. Just as a school provides a supportive environment for gaining knowledge, a meditation hall-Dhyanalayam provides a supportive environment for gaining confidence in stabilising awareness of internal processes. With sufficient confidence one can live and act in society for the well being of oneself and all.
Such aalayams are our tradition’s greatest gift to humanity and meditative spaces have the capability to transform society and impact the body and mind of individuals. Anaadi's Kriya Dhyanalayam is an offering to the rural and urban community for peace, harmony and inner growth. It will serve as a space for practice and experience of various yogic practices, meditative techniques and inward journey for the spiritual well-being of all.
Guru and Deiva Kripa, the Dhyanalayam was completed on the auspicious occasion of Gurupoornima on 16 July 2019. The Indian tradition recognizes the importance of Gnana and Dhyana. Both are needed for emotional and intellectual clarity. It is our blessing that the Dhyanalayam is consecrated with the presence of Gnana Guru Adi Sankaracharya and Dhyana Guru Kriya Babaji.

Architecture and Design

With a diameter of 40 feet, the Dhyanalayam is a circular structure spanning about 1256 Sq.Ft
A circular design has been chosen for many reasons including better handling of high winds, internal acoustics, seating arrangement and aesthetics.
The roof of the Dhyanalayam is divided into 8 parts for better stability and is padded with 4 layers of various material.Large part of the roof is covered with natural material including coconut thatch and bamboo mats to insulate from high temperatures and direct wind.
The thick walls are double layered and made of granite stones arranged in natural formation. Stone masonry has been chosen for sound and heat insulation. The layer in between the walls is covered with natural material including lime, jaggery, haritaki (kadukkai) for stability and sustainability.
Simple unpolished stones have been used for flooring. This makes the experience as close to nature as possible. Air circulation is ensured with the placemment of vents that block sound but allow air to flow. The flow of air is controlled within the Dhyanalayam to make the meditative experience as close to a cave as possible. Lamps do not flicker and hence the mind remains calm and stable within the Dhyanalayam.
The Dhyanalayam is consecrated with the presence of Adi Sankaracharya and Mahavatar Kriya Babaji who guide the spiritual well-being of all at different stages of life-ashramas.


Such sankalpa come to a fulfillment through Divine Will, our effort and community’s support. With immense sincerity and shraddha, we seek your largehearted support in the fulfillment of the Dhyanaalyam. This is a unique opportunity to be of benefit to the larger cause of human well-being and societal upliftment.



For Gurupurnima- 16 July 2019

* After your morning bath, sit in a calm place, facing east and invoke your ishta devata / Guru
* Chant the following Mantra 108 times with a smile and happily Om Shri Gurubhyo Namaha Or Om Shri Maha Kriya Babaji Jnanaswaroopaya Namaha
* Close your eyes. Pray for the well being of all and wish and pray that Anaadi's Dhyanalayam may benefit one and all. Do this with heartfelt satisfaction and cheer.
* Every day you chant, set aside one coin (any amount you can get your hands on, no need to count). The coins can be offered whenever you are able to visit our ashram on or after July 16
* You may use Rudraksh mala or tally counter to count.
* You may do this chanting twice a day if possible. You may also chant 1008 times by splitting it into 2 halves in a day.